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Business Model Design Services

Hire us to help you explore, design, and test new business models — and create your own sandbox.

  • Strategy Development

    Develop an actionable strategy — we'll help you assess disruptive threats, discover opportunities, and see how ready your organization is for business model innovation.

  • Designing and Testing

    We can guide you through the process of creating growth opportunities through business model design, prototyping, and testing in the real world.

  • Organizational Capacity

    Create your own sandbox — a platform where your company can iterate business model design, prototyping, and experimentation projects.

Contact Renee Hopkins: [email protected] or 401-270-7906

The BIF Business Model Design Process


Change your lens by seeing through the eyes of the customer


Imagine a new experience for the customer


Combine the capabilities needed to execute the new experience


Develop a resource generator for fueling and growing your business model

& Test

Test a low-fi, small scale model of your concept in the real world

Not ready to design and test new business models yet?

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